Hello there and everywhere else,

I just wan’t to say hello and wish you all the best with your Project.
Some of you will know me as I have participated in Antergos Forums. Iam using Linux since 2004 and ArchLinux since 2006.
But the best off all is a new SurfacePro6 waiting for me to have time to install Linux and it will be EndeavourOS.

Greetings from Germany,



Hi @mutze,

Nice to see you here, that SurfacePro 6 is a beautiful machine!!

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Hello from Finland! I don’t have any know how on coding (I even flunked my HTML course in high school), but I’m a decent english speaker, so if any translations are needed in finnish, I might be able to help a little bit.

Linux (Antergos) is running really smoothly on my “Arch-Node” ITX machine. Ran into some problems with graphics before but all good now and hopefully stays this way. I should’ve switched years ago, when I had RedHat on my iMac G3 for a while. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, the iMac G3, that’s a long time ago, it was my very first Mac I bought and I still think it’s the best looking iMac ever.

i have one at my garage still working :wink:

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I even ran Ubuntu Mate on it for a while.

It was such a great machine when it came out. It had a modem!

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