Hello, ladies and gents!

Loving what I’ve seen from Endeavour (the distro). Figured I should join the forum. Got to chat with Bryan a little bit on his appearance on BigDaddyLinux Live earlier today. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Endeavour.


Welcome, @DerekT. Quite a few of the old Antergos crowd is here, so if you used that distro, then you might know a few of the regulars. Hope you enjoy EOS as much as I do. And, don’t be shy about asking questions.


Hello and welcome to the forum!
I hope you enjoy EOS and this nice community as much as we do. :slight_smile:

Like your videos about switching to i3. And now I have to check that BDL-Video. :running_man:

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a welcome from me too!
Have fun here!

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Welcome! I’m sure you feel right at home here!

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Welcome, get comfortable and enjoy the EOS community!

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