Hello. Greetings from good old Germany ;)

I’m a fifty year old german. I’m dealing with Linux for quite some years now. My favourite distribution is, and most likely ever will be, openSUSE. I started with that one ages ago. In that time it was still called SUSE and it’s version was somwhat in between 7 an 9. But I was always playing with other distributions to gain experience and for challenge reasons. Just to name a few : Mandriva, nearly all *buntu derivates, PC Linux OS, Mint, Mageia, Puppy Linux. Honestly I can’t remember all the names. In the meantime I became a staff member of a big german openSUSE forum, which at that time was nearly dead. But a few friends of mine and myself managed to revive it. I’m a little proud to say that it’s running fine now. I’m not that active anymore because the user base there has grown and I don’t have to write so many posts as I did before. In addition to that I had some private problems in the meantime which cut my time short for community work.
A few months ago I bought a new netbook on which the latest stable release of openSUSE didn’t run very well. In addition to that my interest in rolling releases started to grow. So I looked for a distribution that I could use on exactly that laptop. Coincidently I caught a technical review of EndeavourOS on my mobile phone. I don’t exactly know for what reason, but I was instantly interested in that one. So I downloaded the installation ISO and replaced the existing Tumbleweed installation (which was running fine) with EndeavourOS two days ago. And that’s exactly what made me register here in your forum. Not that I was running into problems with the OS but just to get to know the community behind the project. And maybe I can help solving one or the other problem.


Hello Trekkie00,

Thank you for trying us out, especially after reading your Linux history.

I’m sure your experience will be very useful to enrich our experience over here.

Welcome @Trekkie00 !!!

Hertzlig willkommen!

Welcome To EndeavourOS @Trekkie00

Greetings from New Zealand!

Hello and welcome @Trekkie00!

ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch!
(I wish you a happy new year!)


Greetings and welcome! :partying_face:

So, welcome aboard!

“Good old Germany” ist auch wo ich herkomme
Willkommen an Bord! und Grüße aus Berlin!

“Good old Germany” is also where I come from
Welcome on board! and greetings from Berlin!

“Good old Germany” es también de donde vengo.
¡Bienvenido a bordo! y saludos desde Berlín!

“Good old Germany”, c’est aussi d’où je viens.
Bienvenue à bord! et salutations de Berlin!

A warm welcome to you from Canada! And Happy New Year to you as well.

Any and all help is truly helpful to this forum.

@joekamprad, that’s great, what languages you speak…gut, deutsche Grammatik ist nicht so Dein Ding, die Satzstellung klingt auch ein bißchen (←ich bin ein 1901er) verwurstelt. :smiley:

Bornheimer Karneval Gesellschaft 1901er ?

Also ick versteh jarnix!

@joekamprad, “No issues found” - wohinein hast Du denn diese Satzfragmente geworfen? Im ersten Teil fehlen schon mal ein Komma und ein Satzendepunkt. Und :wink: wenn man schon einen Satz mit “und” beginnt, dann großgeschrieben.

1901 wird als Synonym für die deutsche Rechtschreibung vor der Reformkatastrophe, dem unsäglichen Hin und Her, verwendet (ein “daß” mit “ß” wird da keines mit “ss”, nur damit’s nicht so auffällt, wenn man die grammatikalische Regel zu das/daß nicht kennt, pff). Bspw. in German (de-DE-1901) old spelling dictionaries für LibO findet sich dies.

Du hast gefragt. :sunglasses:

Wird das jetzt so weiter gehen?
please stop it --> off topic

Thank you all for welcoming me. I hope you all had a good start in 2020 and are not suffering too much pain from your new year’s parties. :wink::clinking_glasses: