Hello From WI

I’ve been looking and posting around here, but forgot to introduce myself. :face_holding_back_tears:

Anywhoo, I’m from Wisconsin, cold blistery winters… :cold_face:

I’ve been all over the board as for distros. Think I started with Ubuntu. (back when they used GNOME v.2) Spent a few years in Debian Squeeze/Wheezy/Jessie after that I went to Mint. And went distro hopping for years. The last few years, I was trying out ArcoLinux. While they were great, I needed more of a pillow, and not as huge as Manjaro. I been using EndeavourOS Plasma since ~Feburary. Like all distros, I have problems, and the distro’s forums usually solve them. Been having a lot of help from you guys. :slight_smile:

So, I’m currently not working, as my medication really hoses me down… Try getting a job where you fall asleep during the afternoon… I’d be fired on the spot… I used to work at Wal?Mart, then I was fired because of stupid reasons. Sadly, a few months after that, I started having seizures… :frowning:

So, what else is new… I guess you’ll learn more about me throughout these forums :slight_smile:


What can I say, God willing your health takes a turn for the better soon.

Hahaha my head is messed up like shiz, Suprised my body does so well as it does…

Hello and welcome @Ze_Mind :smiley:

:hugs: to you.

Welcome to the forum!

Hi @Ze_Mind

Welcome and GO PACK GO! (we’re gonna, just forget about this past Sunday).

welcome to the forum @Ze_Mind :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face:

Welcome! My question: Are you, or are you not, a CHEESE HEAD? :smiling_face:

You win some, you lose some…

Welcome @Ze_Mind

Lived in the Fox Valley area all my life until 2020. Welcome !


hey welcome to our spaceship :enos_flag: :rocket:
And hope you will have some entertainment and fun.
It’s free and expandable…
You may start contributing to the development or creating a community edition :yum:

Welcome from about 500 miles SE.