Hello from the Philippines!

So I just switched from Pop!_OS after I experienced some recurring system freezes which I decided to just do a refresh install after much troubleshooting but I decided last minute to abort the reinstall and just install EndeavourOS. I’ve been wanting to try this distro out and now I got the opportunity. After configuring it to my own liking, so far I am hooked and loving the experience! The AUR truly is a wonder to use which is the biggest game changer for me. The devs did an amazing job!


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the :enos: forums. And happy to hear your Endeavour is joyfull.

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Welcome aboard!!! :enos: :enos_flag:

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Welcome @mknyo

Edit: Say hello to Manny Pacquiao :boxing_glove:

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Hi welcome!

Do you run an nvidia card? If yes, the freeze could be recurring and you may be able to learn how to troubleshoot these issue by reading through this forum about drivers and/or hybrid cards. I learned a lot!

Always good if you can troubleshoot your system.

I find it strange that nvidia would be an issue on PopOS. They have one of the best setups for installing nvidia both discrete and hybrid.

But it’s nvidia :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome. Hope you stick with EndeavourOS like us

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Welcome to the forum @mknyo :enos: :enos_flag: :tada: :balloon: :partying_face:

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Welcome to the forum

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Will do once he visits my place for his presidential campaign :rofl:

I was messing around with the 21.10 beta and it was flawless for a while and then the freezes happened.

Hi! Yes I’m on a laptop with nvidia and intel. As of now I am setting the optimus-manager and following instructions from a topic here because I got an error when I tried to use optimus-manager. So, I am in the process of learning a lot now. :sweat_smile:

Hello, kababayan :philippines: ! Enjoy your stay :heart:


Salamat kabayan! :wave:

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Welcome! :enos_flag:


Kababayan! Welcome to the forum. I thought I was the only Pinoy here :). Anyway I used different distro din before ibang klase ang performance ni EndeavourOS compare to other distro. I used EndeavousOS as my daily driver for my laptop, desktop, and office workstation :slight_smile:


Hello Kababayan, I also change distro, from linux mint to EndeavourOs, All i can say is that it to wonders to me, AUR is awesome, ive try manjarro before but this one is different, Im starting to love Arch Based distro because of EndevourOs. Keep it up Devs.