Hello from The Netherlands

I have been trying EndeavourOs in VirtualBox for a few days, unfortunately I keep getting various error messages in Dutch language when I try to do updates. That doesn’t encourage me to make the switch. Maybe it is a temporary thing. So for now I keep using Manjaro.

Is there a Dutch EndavourOS forum existing ?

I am also a “Gui” type of person, instead of a “Command line” type of person, so dunnow if EndavourOS really fits me, but it doesn’t harm to try and I just wanted to say hello as a new user on this forum :slight_smile:

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Hoi MiVo

Welke foutmeldingen krijg je?

Ik krijg dit:

zoeken naar conflicterende pakketten…
fout:fout bij het voorbereiden van transactie (kan niet aan afhankelijkheden voldoen)
:: installeren van xorgproto (2019.2-2) doorbreekt afhankelijkheid ‘dmxproto’ vereist door libdmx
:: installeren van xorgproto (2019.2-2) doorbreekt afhankelijkheid ‘xf86dgaproto’ vereist door libxxf86dga

upstream update failed.

Oke, dit komt door een (domme) update die Arch heeft doorgevoerd vandaag.

Om te kunnen updaten moet je het volgende doen:

type in de terminal:

sudo pacman -Rdd libdmx libxxf86dga && sudo pacman -Syu

Het systeem zal dan updaten, herstart en open de terminal weer en type:

sudo pacman -Rdd xorgproto

En dat is het.

Als je een GUI tool wilt, raad ik je pamac-aur-git aan, gebruik: yay pamac-aur-git om het te installeren.

Welkom op het forum trouwens en leuk dat je ons aan het uitproberen bent.

Ja, dat werkt. Bedankt voor de hulp. Ik probeer het dan net op het verkeerde moment.

Ik ga verder met uitproberen, nog wel 1 opmerking, en dat doe ik even in het Engels.

Switching to English.
Would be nice when Welcome 2.0 is in Dutch language, that would make the system more complete for Dutch users I think, but that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

We are working on that, but it involves a lot of adjustments, the welcome app is just 1,5 months old and we made some leaps in development with that one.


If it also speaks main languages like german, french, italian or spanish, it will be great. But I think @manuel, @joekamprad and @fernandomaroto will look at this in 2020.

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Hey welkom mivo… Maar mij ken je wel :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Welcome @anon5723111 to EndeavourOS, don’t worry if you are more Gui than Terminal, You could use EOS.

I feel pointing the real need of Languages, 2020 would be a second stage for EOS…

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bringing a language on point is dificult to bring a standard language format file.

there is in repo i think a editor but brings also some complexity, there is a service but is also expensive :slight_smile:

@ringo What is this service you’re talking about?

if you translate a program you have a certain standarize files , even in the repo you have those editors you have to give in its another way to work… but there is also something like https://www.transifex.com/ , you create language files you can use it on your program sort of things… only forgoth what the standard output files calls, there are also editors.

edit : er you have to have poedit (from repo) https://www.poedit.net/ how it works, but language files are po i gues :slight_smile:

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Transifex I read it on Git, seems to be very interesting.

is good but the size of the translation is to expensive transifex , poedit is sufficient… there is a wordpress plugin also ?

Yep this is what I thought, in the translate market for good is hard to find something for free !

In the meantime I am still trying EndeavourOS and I am still in doubt if I should make the switch or not.

What I am disappointing about now is that all the background pics have been replaced by new ones, I wonder why.

Today’s update went all well :slight_smile:

Have a nice sunday :slight_smile:

@anon5723111 take your time :slight_smile:

Which background pics?

The pics with beaches, mountains, landscapes, forrest and so on, I had that when I installed endeavourOS.