Hello from Sweden

Well, I’ve posted a bit here since I registered about a week ago but, yeah. Lets go with a hello post anyway. :slight_smile:

My Linux journey started somewhere in 96-97. I went to Cebit in Germany with my school and got a free Linux cd. If I remember correctly it was Suse.

I installed that when I got home. Sat looking at the desktop and realized I had no idea what I was going to use Linux for. My primary purpose for using the computer was gaming and gaming was atrocious back then. The rest of the tools I wanted to use didn’t exist either.

I had another stint i Linux in 2018 or so. I ran Manjaro for about half a year but gaming was not really where I needed it to be so I went back to Windows again.

Last year I switched jobs and my computer had a serious hiccup with the mic in Windows. Everything seemed fine but there was some issue between the OS and Teams/slack/discord that I couldn’t solve.

I installed Ubuntu and everything worked right off the bat. So, I ran Ubuntu for half a year at work.
I soon tested gaming on Linux at home as well and there was only one game that hasn’t worked so far. Mass Effect Legenday Edition (the issue was with the Origin Launcher rather than the game) so I got into Windows each time I wanted to play that.

I started disliking snaps more and more and looked for something else. I wanted to try Arch and found endeavour about a year ago. It felt like coming home.
I quickly formatted both computers’s Linux partitions and installed Endeavour and I doubt I’ll switch unless Endeavour stops being updated.

I’ve gotten so enamoured with the workflow I got that at all job interviews I have a requirement that I must be able to use Linux or I do not want to work there. I’ve actually had no “complaints” about that requirement so far. People seem to be more curious about it than anything else.


Hi! :frog:

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome home @Whettingstone !

Welcome to the forum @Whettingstone :enos_flag: :enos:

Welcome @Whettingstone! :rocket:

Hello and welcome @Whettingstone :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Hej, och välkommen till den lila sidan!


Välkommen ombord från mig också! :smile: