Hello from Norway

This should have been my first post - but I had some corrupt file and needed help - but better late than never right? Anyway - been using Arch for the last 5 years now - I also had a laptop laying around with Antergos on it but it just never got used. I was kinda curious what you guys came up with and installed EndevourOS on a laptop - and thus far I’m really satisfied. I actually think it’s “better” than Antergos where I always had to remove a lot of stuff I didn’t want. I use only a browser and terminal apps for everything else - bspwm only - so I kinda like your minimal approach. I think I’m like 49% arch purist :wink: but I’m always open for new ideas that improves the user experience. I still think Arch should be installed manually - but that’s not the same as hating on alternatives. I think there’s room for both solutions. Anyways - just wanted to say hi - and I’ll probaly stick around for a while.


Welcome , im not a purist more a lazy guy :slight_smile: Endeavour wil be this way pretty systainable, also community is always a pro… basicly community is here the core :slight_smile: only endeavour is build around it :slight_smile:


thanks. Yes I hear you - I guess I’ve become more lazy myself as I grown older. :smile:
A good community is a great foundation to build a distro from.