Hello from Indiana!

I’m not really understanding the question. Incomplete? Context? I’m not sure.
To answer… EOS is running fine on a test machine. Will be dual booting it on a faster new machine with windows and Photoshop on the other partition. EOS is much easier to administer and will become my daily driver for the foreseeable future!

Does this answer you query?

And thanks for the welcome. Feels like home! :smiley:

Feels like home already. Glad to meet you!

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Nothing wrong :upside_down_face: it was only me not sure if “purple district” could be something bad to say :sunflower: I am not native to english ;

It would be “red light district” not “purple district” which would be bad to say in that context (and indeed many contexts) :wink:

Welcome aboard, I think you chose a good and easy to use distro with a friendly community.

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okay so same same …

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Been running Arch as my main and Mint as a media machine. Lost my Arch to a power surge which corrupted the boot drive and I didn’t want to spend time time to reset it back up. Enos saved me about 3 hours in setup. Plus, besides the branding and installer, appears to be identical to my Arch.

This is what sold my on EnOS. Just love the neighborhood!

Also… So glad to meet ya! :smiley:

I look forwards to the beer. :wink:

Beer in the fridge and for those with discriminating tastes, CC small batch 12 years old in the cabinet.
So smooth… :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad to meet ya!

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I’m a big basketball fan and an NBA fan. I think the Indiana Pacers are your favorite, right?

I’m not really into sports. More like a car guy. Circle track racing, road course racing, and not the high dollar stuff. What’s the fun in that. Good ole boy weekend warrior stuff! :checkered_flag: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Is the the Illiana 1/2 mile track still going off RT 30 (if I remember correctly)?
When I lived in Illinois, I was about 15 Minutes from Grundy County Speedway north of Morris.

Grundy County had a Friday night series, and Illiana had a Saturday night series. Quite a few teams would run both.


I just looked up Illiana Motor Speedway on google maps and it said the track was closed.
Looks like Grundy County is still going strong.

My home track is Salem Motor Speedway, but I’ve been to racetracks in 4 different states. Not been as far north as Illiana tho. Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Lucas Oil Raceway is about as far north as I’ve been. Met a lot of really nice people over the years at weekend racing events.

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