Hello everyone!

Hello endeavour community,
first of all thank you Endeavour developers for your efford to make this OS available for us!

So I heard about Endeavour in “Linux Action News ep. 115” I think, and as it is based on my favorite distro, I decided to give it a shot as I gave it with Manjaro some time ago. I run pure Arch as my daily rider both in job - with i3wm (I’m HPC sysadmin) and at home with KDE.

I installed Endeavour on Acer Predator G9-592
My main goal with Endeavour is to see how XFCE works for me, how good is easy to install Arch-based distro and most of all - make it my gaming platform that I want to achieve by configuring PCI passthrough to Windows vm in qemu/kvm. Perhaps if I’ll like that distro and stick with it for longer, then I will also become active community member.

What I like so far:

  • installer has great GUI partition manager - I never looked for such solution, I always used fdisk, but this one is really decent
  • setting up LUKS with just one click and putting password in box? Are you kidding me? Love it!
  • Installer discovered my Arch install without problems and even more - grub is working out of the box (I had to mess with efishell and manually pointing my grub when I was installing Arch)

What I don’t like so far:

  • quality of wallpapers that came with OS :wink:

Best regards!


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome in our community !

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welcome, a background 'screen it changes in a few clicks

Welcome aboard!
I’m sure you’ll have a great experience with EndeavourOS! And as you may have noticed already, the community here is very friendly, so it will be easy to become an active member.

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Sorry, I meant all photograph wallpapers, actually default wallpaper (those shapes) aren’t that bad.

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Welcome. Just because you don’t like the wallpaper we won’t hold that against you. :grin:

Welcome and thank you, the wallpapers you’re referring to are the default xfce wallpapers.

Good to know, they’re just low res imho, and that makes them a bit ugly.

@patryk !

Welcome, come in and get comfortable!