Hello everyone and greeting from middle earth Canada

Hello Endeavour Community,

Glad to be here, and thank you guys for running this project. Awesome job.
I’m not the usual user lol, I’m running my os as a VM. With passthrough and everything.
I started my quest to migrate from windows to linux a couple of month ago.
I tried, Fedora first, then KUbuntu, then migrated to Manjaro because this is what the cool kids are running right now!
I finally found out about EndeavourOS ! I first tied it out a couple of weeks with XFCE. And It was awesome. It ran really really great !
I heard later about ArcoLinux and how it sound really awesome, but it was not…
I reinstalled Endeavour with KDE. And I finally found my mark.

From all OS I tried, I am amazed at how good it is running. So thank you for your work.
I’m looking forward to share my experience and help.
Take care.


Welcome @Veeh
I also run Kde and I’m interested in how you are running in vm? Which platform?

Welcome to the purple side of Linux! :smile:

Welcome to the community :beers:

Hey Rick,
The host is running proxmox. I have the screen, mouse, keyboard connected to the host and I’m passing through everything to the VM.

Thanks for the welcome guys :slight_smile:

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What is proxmox? Hmm?

Edit: I see It online now.

Proxmox is awesome. Welcome Veeh!

Never heard of it until now.

It is the basis of my office network, where I have 5 ubuntu and debian machines handling websites and emails, and email gateway. It’s awesomely reliable, and makes it ridiculously easy to spin up a new VM, and assign resources to it.

Like Onyxnz said, Proxmox is indeed awesome !
It’s an hypervisor, like vmware.
It’s based on Debian, virtualization is using KVM. It’s fully open source. They have a licencing in place but I think it’s something like Redhat does. You pay for support.
You have access to all the functionality of proxmox without a licence anyway.

Is it free?


Welcome to the forum @Veeh :partying_face: :balloon: :tada: :enos_flag: :enos: