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Hello EOS community! I’m migrating to EOS after installing a second hard drive for storage resulted in an unbootable system. I’m fairly new to EOS, pacman, and the arch approach to Linux. I’ve been using it on-and-off since Ubuntu 12.04. I made the switch to Linux as my daily driver about 4 years ago, starting with Mint, then Elementary, then distro hopping for a bit before landing with Solus. I was happy with Solus, but when I couldn’t rescue my system, I decided it was time try something else for a bit. I’m still trying to get used to pacman syntax and commands, and getting my system set up the way I like, but I’m enjoying EOS w/Plasma so far.

inxi -FZ


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Welcome to the forums. Always excited to check out somebody from one of the least populous USA portions…

In one music-sharing site I used to attend many years back, I met a travelling DJ from West Virginia. I would have liked to read some of his autobiography LOL.

I was just like you using Solus for three months, until July of this year. I had to stop using it because it’s not like most distros “cleanly” installing a bootloader. It’s hard to explain, and even less comprehensible why one day it refused to boot because I made a failed attempt to put a Debian-clone into an external USB disk. I reinstalled Solus but three days later it refused to boot again with less intervention on my part.

Worse than this, I made two attempts to boot with the KDE Plasma ISO but it doesn’t work on my computer. It should have been my first with that D.E., instead it was slow-as-heck and buggy Ubuntu Studio.

Compared to that, I have EndeavourOS “Cassini” with the same exact D.E. that seems to fly through things. I only wish I could eschew the “dark mode” for something dark blue or dark purple, more or less like the default look for XFCE.

I never had performance (speed) issues with Solus Plasma, it’s actually the fastest distro I’ve ever used. Fastest to boot, eopkg is faster than apt or zypper in my experience, and I really enjoy the cutting edge but not bleeding edge mix of rolling style they have. This was the third time I’ve had an installation fail and the third time I’ve been unable to salvage it. Reinstalling and getting back to where I was would be a matter of a couple hours, but I dunno, I just didn’t do it this time.

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