Hello EndevourOS Forum

Hi there everyone at EndevourOS and in the EndvourOS community.

I’ve been distro hoping for quite a long time and although I’ve only have Endevour installed and running for a week or so, I’m pretty confident I’m done with jumping around. I’m loving how it all just worked and the ease of installing all the software I need, can’t fault it at all :slight_smile:

I’m no linux expert but I intend to lurk and take part as my modest skills allow


Welcome to the purple side of the internet! :smile:

If you are willing to learn, this forum is a great place for that!
Probably you already have seen the helpfulness of fellow users.


Thanks @manuel :smile:

Yeah, Im getting that impression and one of the things that got me interested in EndevourOS is that lots of people said how nice the community is. I see that is true :slight_smile:


Welcome @draylath ! :enos_flag: :enos:

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Welcome to the forum @draylath :enos_flag:

Welcome to EnOS’ community @draylath !


Welcome to the forum!

Glad to see you took the leap and crossed over to the purple side. :wink:

Welcome in the purple universe!

You know how the saying goes. Once you go purple you’ll never go back.

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Welcome to the forums. Next time please spell the name of the distro correctly. Now I don’t even like the “American” name anymore. The name is a bit long but could be obtained from the web address, between the two dots. Not insulting anybody nor telling what to do but… this topic’s name.


Welcome to EndeavourOS, the best arch-based distro in existence—at least in my opinion.