Hello EndeavourOS World

Hello everyone!

It’s been a wild ride finding a linux distribution that fits my needs, being helpful (not a nightmare to install and maintain), and also “out of the way” (no more bloat). So thank you for making such a great distribution.

I’m Greek and a Science Fiction / Hardware / Linux Geek

I’m now using EndeavourOS KDE Plasma on my X270 laptop, but I’ll also install it on my - under construction - Media / Gaming PC and also on my - also under construction - home server.

Once more, kudos for creating and maintaining such a great distribution!


Hello @Noctem and welcome to the wonderful :enos: - Community !

Enjoy your purple ride :enos_flag:

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Hello! :wave:

It’s a very positive experience for many individuals who maintain their PCs on a regular basis. A lot of superb dedicated volunteers continue to help users like us, by offering solutions to tailor their different equipements, some even quite recent powerfull cpus and gpus.

I’m quite sure you’ll have the same great experience with them if you ever need some help with repairs etc… :slight_smile:

May you have the best of good times with your computers with this great OS! :man_technologist:

Take care,

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Welcome @Noctem! Good to have you here! :enos_flag: :enos:

What distribution are you talking about?

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Welcome to the forum @Noctem :enos: :enos_flag:

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The nightmare of installation came from the vanilla distribution , and maintenance hell came from a rather big Arch based distribution (big as seen on distrowatch.com).

That sounds like Manjaro?

It doesn’t matter! Maybe it was a personal setup issue, who knows…

I don’t want to point a finger at an Open Source project, so… It is good to have found a distribution that seems to fit me well!


Welcome @Noctem to the wonderful world of EndeavourOS
Same here, though in Linux since 2000, I have been distrohopping for about a year till I found that Arch based is the best and EndeavourOS is the best of the best.

Since I started Linux in 2000, I never found a community like this or a distro like this.

I am sure you will enjoy both.


Hello and welcome from a non-Greek but Geek the same :wink:

:enos: :handshake:t5:

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Welcome at home!

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Welcome to the forums!

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welcome to the purple world

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Καλωσόρισες στην όμορφη μωβ παρέα μας!!! :+1:

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Welcome to purple space

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Hello @Noctem
Great choice!

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