Hello, Endeavour

Hi everyone! I’m ItzSwirlz and I am an Ubuntu homeboy but I help support Endeavour.

I am on BDLL (Big Daddy LInux Live) and Endeavuor was mentioned. After following it on twitter, they followed me back, and now as of 8-10-19 while during the show I am posting this, yet I am here.

So uh yeah, a little ask me page for me right here or at twitter @ItzSwirlz or curious cat but im too lazy to use it.


Hi ! & welcome @ItzSwirlz !

Welcome to this community. I got twitter too, but i hardly open it. Recently removed Facebook, best i ever done :slight_smile:

in the past i used ubuntu… but once you got an arch based linux you never go back :slight_smile:


Well I will say this: I hate Arch because for this reason: There is no installer that can install neccesary packages to run efficiently.

Endeavour will probably try to cover that.

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Arch linux is basicly no Beginners frriendly distrobution… cause of te rolling nature ! That is with each rolling releases does not mather if you use TW or RH or even Manjaro. Stability is subjective is just the way how you update and care.

it is not its instable , sometimes some packages can be tricky… is like every first ubuntu releases can for some be tricky even its tested out ! so like have a linux and linux-lts have you some option. not updating right away just a bit delay can help. Arch decapriated te installer because to much new user come in and arch had to deal with it. so to filter it out they create something that first of al people made there hand wet. so some basic stuf can more understandable :slight_smile:

Endeavouros is all about community so that will cover it a bit to help each other !

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It is easy to install Arch Linux by following the wiki. I have never had any update affect badly any program running under Arch. I have just spent quite a while installing and playing with Arch Linux Openbox. Everything works well, but some things take a long time to add the correct dependencies; it requires some reading. XFCE4 is excellent on Arch. I have just installed Endeavouros and in a very short time it produces a very nice minimal installation of XFCE4. I like it.