Hello endeavour-users

my name is ottfried, living in the middle of germany (or nowhere). i’m using linux for a longer time now, started with suse,mandrake, kubuntu etc… and ended with manjaro. using manjaro for about 4-5 years now my love to it ended today finally. i don’t want to blame manjaro too much but the issues became too much and so i decided to flip. tried endeavour-live today and i was buffled and stunned. great job and thumbs up to the endeavour team. i will test endeavour within the next 1-2 weeks against two other distros and take my time to decide what’s the next favorite to use . but my first impression is just stunning that you did such a nice running live-edition. i have a lot of questions to ask in the next days and hope to get answers as i’m willing to give back answers to the forum.


Welcome to the community!

Feel free to ask any questions you have. There are always people here willing to help.


Welcome @ottfried
Glad to have you onboard.


Welcome to the forum and greetings from Saxony!


Welcome aboard @ottfried and enjoy your stay. My last distro hop was from Manjaro, but I am permanently docked at Endeavour.



yes i want to flip because the maintenance of the manjaro updates became worse and worser within the last year. it was always something i could deal with even if it’s rolling release but too much is too much and i hope that the maintenance of endeavour is better. my first impression is so. in parallel i use a mac with mageia, that’s my old-school backup system, not actual but my rescue system. but i like to use a actual system as daylie driver. endeveaour gives me some hope to this.




Updates are VERY frequent on EnOS, but problems are extremely rare. I run several Arch-based setups - and I don’t even bother with Timeshift or an equivalent, because the problems are so rare (even with me ‘trying’ things sometimes.

If you stay up-to-date (which to me means updates at least once a week, although longer is OK for some) you will likely not run into difficulties - and they will be minor (wait a day) issues, easily downgraded/fixed and information about them will be posted here very quickly - as will fixes.

BTW - welcome to the forum - the second best thing about EndeavourOS (the first is being Arch-based) :grin:


that brings me up to a questions. are there also such problems that the mirrors are tricky and often not synchronized ?
no backup, no mercy i learned that the hard way long time ago. not a friend of timeshift. i’m oldschool and used to clonezilla. pro of this method: i have always a 100% clone, if my nvme will break i have a 100% clone. exchange it and 5 minutes of work and i have a working system back. my experience is that the hardest thing is a broken disk, that happened in my live several times.

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We have ‘mirrorfix’ solutions (even with GUIs if you want) available for both Arch mirrors and our own. I run a mirror for EnOS, and the syncing load is pretty light, so I expect most will be in good shape…

The choices for arch mirrors are rate-mirrors or reflector-simple - the EnOS ones can be set by eos-rankmirrors. If you don’t want a GUI, you can run reflector without its ‘simple’ addon - and of course hand editing to mirrorlist itself is possible (if you have the patience and some knowledge of locations and speeds!!)

It sounds like you have a better backup system than most (Including me! :blush:) so that’s all good…

yes my backup system is bullet-proofed. learning by pain :rofl: that’s also the reason to have a backup-computer with a different os that is very defensive and not actual.
actual i’m unsure if i should stay with xfce (that was the gui of the live distro). i’m using kde/plasma for a long time now and i don’t know if all my actual trouble is caused by the manjaro-packaging of their system or if it’s just that simple that plasma actually sucks ?
what are your impressions especially if your used plasma/kde also for years. swap to xfce or stay with plasma ?

That’s right. I’ve been using KDE Plasma on EOS for 2 years now and haven’t had nearly the problems I had with Manjaro. This withholding of updates is only really advantageous in theory …

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I use XFCE myself - but Plasma seem to be the largest user base here - and the problems are there, but not showstoppers. More swear by it than at it :grin: You could always add a user to your system, and install the ‘other’ DE under the other user for a way to find out what your thought is here…

If you have a bunch of experience on Plasma, you will probably end up there…if you can handle the customization options! I find XFCE (optional Compiz) plenty for me…

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Mirrors are Arch, so no.

Also you’re in Germany, so you’ve got some of the best mirrors on the planet. You should have no problems.


What are the other two distros you’re testing?

I decided to give Mint and MX as opposite to arch based os a chance, because i’m looking for a long term solution. the times of flipping are past by for me. that’s also the reason why i ask to change to xfce or to stay with plasma.

I just want to interject- if you want the setup in the live iso - you need to do offline install or make sure you select the theming correctly when choosing xfce. Most of our installations get zero theming other than a wallpaper.

It’s probably Manjaro packaging, but while I’ve heard a lot of problems with kde, I’ve not experienced them first hand.

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Here is my maintenace schedule:

My rescue system is BTRFS subvolumes using Timeshift and auto snapshots on the GRUB menu. Also Déjà Dup automatically syncing to the cloud while I work.
If there is ever a problem with a rolling release (which I have not experienced in the month I have used EOS), I could just switch kernels and/or revert to previous snapshots. In 60 seconds I am back in business.

That’s what I call low maintenace, and I’m very lazy.

There are plenty of knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people here.



Welcome mate

I would also strongly suggest Sparky Linux. It’s basically the Endeavour version for Debian AND you can install as testing which is nearly as up to date as Arch.

sparky is no option to me. i used sparky some time ago with raspberry. for such limited systems okay, but i expect a more modern styling. it needn’t be oversized but sparky won’t fit my expectations.