Hello Endeavour Forum

Just wanted to login and give a BIG Thank You to everyone that put this Distro together! I,ve been using endeavour 2.5 wks an I am really enjoying it,just seems to work. I came from Linux Mint after I give up on windoze several years ago and I am moving away from all ubuntu distro,s because I think it,s just a matter of time before microsoft over takes them to! Anyway Thank You for the fine distro an I look forward to growing with everyone here!


Welcome to the most awesome community in Linuxland!


Welcome @Atrail !

Make yourself comfortable, I’m sure you’ll have a great time here! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, @Atrail

Welcome @Atrail to EndeavourOS.

A warm welcome @Atrail! I’ve been using EndeavourOS since the first release - and I have yet to be disappointed! This community is truly incredible.

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Welcome @Atrail Nice to have you onboard.