Hello community and old friends

How are things? Hope all of you’re doing good and having fun in life.

Sorry for not being active a lot. After my midlife crisis, I’ve made a lot of progress (I think). Don’t hate me but I’ve picked up programming in C# so I spend more time in Windows or in Windows VMs. But I do check :enos: forums time to but have no time to spend here (sorry).

I’ve found a partner as well and I spend my none working time with her (she’s worth it and I love her so much). I got some free time and wanted to say hi to my old friends. I’ve thought of reviving my old projects like the Awesome CE I was working on and the GUI for Pacman but work and then my personal life takes up all the time.

I’m living healthy now my mental issues are gone (thanks to her). I might return but not sure when. I will pop in and out when I can.

Hope you guys remember me. Have a great day and great life guys.



Welcome back and congratulations on finding your “soul mate”! Been there done, that and it definitely makes life more enjoyable!

I don’t have all the details as it’s a personal matter so you don’t need to share anything in this regard. But something to keep in mind is codependency and the issues that can result from that going unchecked. A lot of people feel better when someone else is in their life and we’re all social creatures of habit so being around others often helps things, but it can help to avoid things we should be working on too. Just make sure to always keep a good focus on yourself too and not always prioritize a relationship above your own health.

Make sure you’re making your needs met, separate from your relationship as well. It’s okay if you make mistakes with this approach, but you always owe it to yourself to give yourself the best chances at things and to be happy of course. Whatever you end up doing, be confident in your choices and know you’re not alone there’s always things and people out there just like you, so I wish you much good luck in where ever your choices lead you and all the best!

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Welcome back “home”
Glad to hear good news about someone!
Glad you are happy!

That’s the best thing that can ever happen to any man. To find your soulmate!
(not mental by the way, it is likely psychological, glad you could overcome it.)
Enjoy life, and I would recommend you enjoy it here as well.

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