Headphones Not Working

I have the Cinnamon desktop installed and for some reason my headphones wont work. In Pulse Audio Volume Control I see them connected and the little meter moves when there is sound but no sound is present anywhere. Any help would be appericated

Try with alsamixer - run it, press F6 to switch between outputs, and make sure the headphone output isn’t muted.

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No is was not muted

Have you tested other headphones / speakers through same connector?

Just to exclude headphones / cord malfunction out of equation :upside_down_face:

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Assuming you checked the volume level, it’s also possible your system needs a specific option passing to the audio driver for the correct port setup.

I was able to fix it. I disabled quick boot in the bios and then did a complete shutdown. Now it works. Thanks for your help


Damn this quick boot!
What’s so quick in just skipping devices initialization… :sweat_smile:


Exactly. It’s even quicker if you leave your computer off. :man_facepalming: