Having internet and audio issues

Good Morning Hector,

Not to worry. I’m a hobbiest too (so I’m testing and exploring technology on my free time).

I think we have exhausted our driver options. Like others in the Arch and Endeavour forums there is 2 ways to go:

  1. Put a post up looking for suggestions for a usb wifi card.

  2. Open a defect at this project to see if they have further suggestions:

The thing is device works, just not sure what triggers the disconnects. So where we need help debugging.

Now if you had Windows 11 on it, then we could confirm whether you get sporatic disconnects there.

I see I see, sadly I don’t have windows anymore because when I first tried installing linux alongside it couldn’t get the uefi thing to dual boot my system so I had endeavour completely wipe my drive and it became the sole OS on my laptop and still I can’t for the life of me get the uefi bullshit to boot other OSes so it’s a thing I guess, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to help me solve this issue.

Just reading the packagers recommendation:

Looks like they have suggestions related to power mangement and looking for conflicting drivers.

I’ll see what else I can do on my end, thank you so much for taking the time to help me resolve this. The audio issue persists but I don’t really use the laptop’s speakers so I can get around it.