Having a different user for each DE


I recently decided to reinstall EOS since I wanted to start fresh again, I don’t want to install more than one DE for the same user like I used to do as it caused some problems and caused a lot of clutter overall.

So I wanna know how to make a separate user for each DE, do I just use the useradd command? If so what is the exact command to run?

Typically from the first user I use the Users management program of the current DE to create the second user. Upon login you have to make sure you choose the right DE for the user you want to use.

I tried adding a user using the gnome settings app but I had a few small issues. First I couldn’t use sudo (I think it’s because I created the user as a standard user instead of a administrator user?) And the user came with gnome by default, I don’t want the new user to come with a DE as I wanna install a DE on my own, is it possible?


Afterwards, logged into your new user account, you can install the DE of your choice for this user.

I don’t think so but wait for a second opinion.

You have to install the other DE globally, through the package manager, and choose the DE in the login manager.

yea packages are globally systemwide installed independent from user.
So every account will have every package (app) available per default… only configurations will be separated under users homes…

and having user in the wheel group should be good to go to be able to run sudo…

sudo gpasswd -a username wheel

or do this on usercreation:
sudo useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash username