Have 2 EOSs but want just 1


TL;DR: I want to resize nvme0n1p3 to be as big as possible and boot to it.

Long story but installed and booted to a new EOS install. But really want to return to my previous.

How do I get rid of the 2 boot partitions and the new EOS and have just 1 boot and original EOS?

And as a 1st step: How can I get the other EOS identified as bootable-to?

Note, quite a few other posts talk about grub but in a regular install we arent using grub … so having a hard time finding the “other” method.

Ex: I installed a 2nd endevour os with no bootloader option. but cann't find the boot option for that one

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This seems relatively easy, but I’d propose another option:

If you’ve already taken care of backing up any important files from nvme0n1p4, delete and format the partition as Ext4 and label it as “Storage”, then use it for storage, an extra Steam partition, etc.

If you prefer to resize, then it’s:

  • chroot into the wanted EndeavourOS installation → chroot guide
  • install grub / systemd-boot / refind
  • backup the important files from all partitions to a separate drive, server, or the cloud
  • delete the unwanted partition
  • resize the nvme0n1p3 partition to the left
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Thanks for reply! How about this (compromise! ;)): Update systemd to boot to it (p3) and reformat p4 for extra storage. Thus: How to make it my main boot?


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I’m not sure if this is any different from what I suggested.

If you mean to follow my suggestion of using extra storage, then just follow the chroot and bootloader installation steps after formatting.

  1. BACKUP!!!
  2. format
  3. chroot
  4. install preferred bootloader

Here is what Ive done:

  1. (auto)Mounted my old EOS.
  2. Pulling stuff over (ie: various ~.<DIR> and .config/<DIRs>) as I need.
  • When I havent referred to it in a month Ill then reformat it to ext4.

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Do both installations use the same exact username? Pulling in configs can cause issues in general, but especially when the usernames don’t match.

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