Hardware Upgrade Help

Hey everyone, hope this thread finds everyone good.

Right now I’m currently lining up components in order to upgrade my current system. These include moving from my current systems Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 7 5700X3D/5800X3D (really depends on final pricing), Storage overhaul (getting larger HDD for pure storage, a secondary one for personal file backup, and moving games to a new larger SATA SSD), and obviously upgrading my GPU (currently a Radeon RX 580).

So I pretty much have two major questions that are outstanding:
Regarding Storage: How does everyone manage their backups? Do you do anything special (any packages I should research that are recommended, etc)?

Regarding GPU: I’m pretty much split b/w getting an NVIDIA 4070 Super or Radeon 7900 GRE (unless the XT pricing comes down). Reason I’m considering the 4070 Super is mainly due to NVIDIA having better performance in most of the games I play (confirmed via benchmark videos I’ve found online) and darktable (my primary editing software) has issues with GPU Acceleration in the editing process with OpenCLI where it looks like its nonexistent with NVIDIA.
Two questions here I have is number one how hard is it to switch from AMD to NVIDIA (whats required before I install the card if I’m not doing a fresh EOS Install), and is there anything special I have to do in order to get it properly working with Hibernate/Sleep (I’ve seen posts on NVIDIA having issues with this sometimes on Linux but it seems fairly random)?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone given how great the community has been :+1:

For backups I’m using a stupid large external HDD, and borg and borgmatic on the program side. The backup runs half an hour after booting using a systemd timer. Works like a charm this way.

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Awesome sounds exactly what I’d need lol. I’ll look into it. Is it pretty easy to get set up and running with it?

Also are you using ext4 or BTRFS for your file systems? (My current setup is all ext4 and I’ve been researching the differences, pros and cons of both but I’m totally lost lol).


It is best to place one question per thread…
Search for answers to your questions before starting a new thread. ( I’m pretty certain there are answers on each topic you are researching in the Forums.)

I’m using BTRFS for everything currently, which gives me the chance to test how it works in every day use. It works fine.

For the backup target, there’s some small steps, creating the borg repo, setting up the systemd timer, that sort of thing. A little light reading and execution, and you’re done.

Gotcha. Thanks for the response. You haven’t run into any issues with BTRFS I take it then?
I figured I ask after all the research I’ve been doing on ext4 vs BTRFS, seriously feels like a mixed bag as to which one to go with. Both have their pros and cons but there isn’t a prevailing answer one way or the other.

As far as I can see, both the issues with BTRFS are limited to heavy RAID usage, as well as outdated. However, my opinion should probably not be law, and there’s always the Arch wiki where the current known issues are listed and discussed.

I have not had issues with BTRFS for a long time, but I just use it straight forward, no RAID shenanigans.

I just have a script I run every week for backup. I only backup my home folder as I’m not a corporation who is going to lose millions if I’m not back up and running in a few minutes. *With that in mind it leaves me with a much smaller backup (needing only backup my personal folders and not the rest of the system)

I have multiple copies of backups I also test my backups to make sure they are good copies.

This also allows me to take time to trouble shoot if there is an issue. Taking this time to trouble shoot what went wrong gives me the knowledge I need to fix said problem or at least create a work around for said problem.

as far as the rest of your questions I can only say you need to do your research and find out what is going to work the best for YOU.