Hardware recommendation - EOS desktop system?

I’ve been using my desktop system (see below) for about 5 years,
everything works & the system is very fast but now it’s time for something new …

Can you guys recommend hardware to me which is better & faster than my current system?
It should be matched to EOS KDE and the GPU needs 3 ports out this can also be an onboad GPU.

Operating System: EndeavourOS
KDE Plasma Version: 5.21.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.82.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel Version: 5.12.3-zen1-1-zen
OS Type: 64-bit
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 8 × AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor
Mainboard: MSI 760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641) 3.0
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630/PCIe/SSE2
USB-Audio - Scarlett 2i2 USB
ATA Samsung SSD 750
VGA-0 Connected; 1360x768 pixels, offset (81, 0)
DVI-D-0 Connected; 1440x900 pixels, offset (0, 768)
HDMI-0 Connected; 1440x900 pixels, offset (1441, 768)

To provide any kind of meaningful response we need to know at the very least what you use the system for and what your budget is.


This doesn´t make sense… :thinking:

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mainly for audio and video production, it doesn’t have to be an expensive game server :wink:
possibly from $500 to $ 1000 …

it makes sense because my hardware is very old and I have to expect that there will be failures soon

One recommendation I would make is to hold off until your current system actually breaks – unless you need 24/7-ish availability.

This way, you can build up your new computer funds for the eventual replacement.

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Perhaps if you don’t consider the fact that right now PC prices are terrible due to supply channel disruption and demand.


Why is that?
My desktop is 10 years old now and still going strong.

But anyways, this isn’t an answer to your question. :innocent:

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system is running 14 hours daily, SSD wearout levels growing fast due to editing big audio & video files, mainboard & cpu is above 5 years now … outdated MBR based grub …

I’m, 100% with @dalto right now. Unless you absolutely need a computer, I’d wait. Everything is top dollar right now due to shortages. It’s the worst time in a long time to buy a car or computer right now. Wait if you can.


I believe in overspending by as much as you can reasonably unless you plan to be on the yearly upgrade cycle. My son bought an ADATA https://www.bestbuy.com/site/adata-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i7-32gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-1tb-ssd-black/6413249.p?skuId=6413249 for $1199 almost a year ago, and it looks to have years left. I bought a similar spec’d (but 17") Alienware about 5 years ago that at the time of purchase was top of the line hardware. It isn’t being upgraded for another few years at least (unless I install a larger SSD or newer video card). I paid a lot, but even now I don’t think about it nearing EOL. I don’t see you getting much of an upgrade to your current system for $1000 or less.

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OK, I should replace SSDs maybe Mainboard & CPU too … a.s.a.p.

Sounds good! Post it up when you get it. We all love new hardware. It’s just too pricey right now unless it’s a necessity for me.

Edit. Also anything you deem has reached its end of life, message me and I’ll pay shipping for you to send it to me if you’re somewhere in north America. It sounds like good hardware for me!

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If you replace your mainboard you will also need to replace your memory. The cost of all that will likely exceed the cost of a new PC in the current market. That being said, motherboards and CPUs last more than 5 years so I am not sure why you would replace them unless they aren’t performing to your satisfaction.

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you are probably right, I missed checking the current prices, so I can wait … there are a few old spare parts in stock :wink:
but what would be your recommendation for a suitable mainboard and CPU, GPU for my purposes?
as I said the GPU (maybe onboard) should have 3 ports out (don’t like NVIDIA anymore)

Don’t really know about video and audio production requirements, but in general, if you want a machine that lasts long, important is to have a good CPU (of course with a suitable motherboard that supports new technologies) and lots of RAM (select motherboard that supports lots of RAM). Other components are easy to upgrade later.

Now you have 16GB which is kind of “the minimum” requirement.

I built my machine about 9 years ago with an i7 CPU and 32GB of RAM for starters. The machine is still very fast and more than adequate for my purposes (heaviest stuff is development and running virtual machines). And I have upgraded and added lots of disk space as the prices of SSDs have gone down. Currently the main things that I’d like to have are the new standard fast SSDs, but on the other hand the current SSDs are still working well, so no problem either.


would you still recommend Intel rather as current AMD Ryzen systems for EOS?

I’d dispute this.

People are buying complete systems to get graphics cards the selling the rest of the components on ebay.

Depending on the secondary market where cluster lives it could be a good time to source a new machine.

If I was starting from scratch right now despite being an AMD fan I’d buy Intel due to being able to get better CPUs with integrated graphics, then buy a GPU later.

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What I’ve read, Ryzen is now very competitive, and Intel is no more the only option.
Note also that ARM processors are coming, which makes the situation very interesting.
That is one good reason to wait a bit to see how things evolve.


This seems like pretty good bang for your buck.

Going above that then maybe the 5800X ( which is what I’ve got ), though you’d have the GPU issue.

Edit: changed to the latest xx600 series.

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