Hardware Comaptability with EndeavourOS

I need a new laptop and Costco (USA) has a Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 5700U on sale. My question is: will it run EndeavourOS? It has a touchscreen. I don’t know how to research this. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks very much for any help. Regards, George

Hardware wise the Ryzen 7 5700U is great and should be no issue. I really can’t comment on whether there would be issues with the touch screen as i haven’t seen anyone mention a touch screen here. But it’s possible that i just haven’t noticed either. I personally don’t like touch screen so i myself would never buy one. I do have a Chromebook 2 in 1 that has touch screen but i would not purchase any other laptop that has touch screen. That’s just my personal view on it. But if you check the Arch Wiki it say’s this.

If you ever tried to set up a touchscreen device in linux, you might have noticed that it’s either working out of the box (besides some calibration) or is very tedious, especially when it is not supported by the kernel.


Thanks very much for the info Rick. Much appreciated. George

Lenovo usualy has a good hardware compatible with linux in general so I wouldn’t be too worried.
I have Lenovo Yoga X380 from my work so I was testing the touchscreen a little bit on it (only ubuntu install since I had problem with signed kernels and secure boot). From what I tested it is important to decide X11 or Wayland. X11 tries to emulate everything as mouse pointer so if you rest your hand on the screen it will (most likely) act as if you clicked there with a pen. Wayland should be a little bit better for touchscreen but I didn’t test it personaly.
I had a problem with one kernel version (I think 5.8) when I was able to write with my finger but when I pressed the screen with pen then everything froze so even X11 can distinguish between pen and finger but in the end it process everything as mouse pointer. Changing kernel fixed the freezing by the way so always keep a backup kernel version :wink:.

You can always write an email to Lenovo support if they have any experience with your distro. Or some other linux testing experience. It costs nothing and you may get a lucky answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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