Happy new user

I install Endeavour xfce 3 days ago and i love it .
First problem upgrading but i found the solution on this forum and now it works very good
.I use lLnux a very long time and hopper from one distro to another .
Thanks to Spatry and cup of linux i start to learn more of the system and Endeavour helps a lot to step in the arch world .
I like this forum and the distro and every day i use it , i pick up something new .
I used Kde a lot but i start to like xfce again.
Greetings to you all



First of all welcome to the community and thank you for giving us a try.

If you have any questions, just post them to the forum, becaise there are no stupid questions over here.

Hi @BennyW welcome to the community!

Hello @BennyW, welcome to the forum. If you get the itch to try KDE again there are plenty of useful posts to read and KDE/Plasma people on the forum to help if you hit a few snags.

Greetings @BennyW
I too start to like Xfce a lot more also but i have to admit i have turned into desktop hopper now more so than a distro hopper. :grinning:

I do have my favorites and i have always been a long time Cinnamon user. Welcome to EndeavourOS.

Happy days!
For all new users, EndeavourOS is a trampoline.
Wanna get even higher?
Just launch yourself, once you are airborne, the velocity increases, gravity reduces.
You will never be the same once you tasted the feeling of being weightless, free. Leave worries behind, all the way.
We are here, ever watchful, to help you.

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