Happy holidays, Atlantis neo has arrived

i do simply not think about that users would like to have this ISO wallpaper on installed system, i do change them on the run on building ISO :wink:


@joekamparad, I already added the Atlantis wall in the wallpapers _classic section, just like our August release wall. Perhaps it is an idea to put the new wallpaper in there as well, for every major release, just to be on the safe side?


Well i like the NEO thingy on this one with the release of the new Matrix movie :rofl:

Big fan from EndeavourOS and Keanu here, really a super Christmas gift. New release from Endeavour and the Matrix :heart_eyes:


yes will be good like that, will make them also easier to find because the default one is under /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/… so users will have them all in one place…

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(And now the process that will take approx. 3 weeks: Xfce or Cinnamon. Hmmmmmmmmm)