Happy holidays, Atlantis neo has arrived


Two codenames makes it 2 x better. :rocket:


Neo is already in the house :rocketa_purple:

  • Encrypted installations with BTRFS now works choosing SWAP partition and hibernation, thanks to our team member and moderator @dalto

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:
And to everyone else on the dev team as well, keep up the great work y’all are doing!
I’m still rocking my April .iso install (everything works fine!), but if I ever need a fresh install, it’s great to know there’s almost no limitations with what EndeavourOS can achieve :rocket:

Edit: I like the names neo and nova for interim releases btw, let’s just hope that doesn’t cause any confusion with newer users. I don’t know if it’d make any difference calling it Atlantis neo, Atlantis-neo, Atlantis.neo but definitely leave neo and nova always lowercase at least to signify it’s just a small update and not a major update.


Thank you Bryan and the team. Great work as usual.

I’ll download and keep the image handy as a reminder of the fine work that you do! Best wishes to everyone always!

  1. In case of a bad/slow internet or mirror connection Pacman will not cease operations, resulting in a failed install. 2) open box with theming.

1)!was such a pain for my slow buggy internet, had to select --download-timeout 20 for mirrors. Not anymore…

I was thinking if trying openbox, I am currently on a new wm adventure (besides qtile and i3), started with awesome, trying dwm now. Thanks for the :christmas_tree: gift



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If you want the Space shuttle wallpaper used in the announcement, you can download it through the Welcome app “download more EndeavourOS wallpapers” or you can download it over here:



I did, in fact, download Atlantis Neo and install it on my 6 year old Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop. I hope to be receiving an SSD drive this week, and if so, I’ll physically copy my Endeavour OS system onto that media, so it’ll get another workout.

Meanwhile I’m simply updating Endeavour OS on my newer hardware and that’s going great too.

Happy Holidays to all; GREAT job, development team with this useful and worthwhile new image!

I also added the space shuttle image to my desktop; nice! :smile:


Many thanks to all who contributed! :enos_flag:


Klasse Jungs, bzw. Männer. Ihr seit aber auf Zack. :wink:

Danke für alles, und vorweg, schöne Feiertage und guten Rusch.
So oft schreibe ich hier ja auch nicht. Von daher. :slight_smile:


Thanks Team for the news and all the hard work it went into.

I love the colour theme and please always continue :slight_smile:


What a great gift, thanks to all devs and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come!!

One question, when first booting up there’s the nice wallpaper that shows the below text, however when clicking EndeavourOS default wallpaper the “NEO” wallpaper is reverted to the previous Atlantis wallpaper. Been looking for the “NEO” wallpaper but alas without luck. Can someone post it?


This what you are looking for?

Click on the image for a bigger resolution version.



Has anyone tried the openbox version? It’s really nice implementation but I got some odd graphical glitches on the tint2 bar icons when switching windows or workspaces. Since I have absolutely no experience with openbox I don’t know what could cause this.

Just wondering if it’s only on my Thinkpad or something others also notice.

Yes, thanks mate!! Appreciate it.

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… ISO will have a different Wallpaper but you can find them in the artwork archive.
On the installed system Wallpaper comes with default theming package…
Do you think we should add the ISO walls to the wallpaper repo?

SO… Very excited to see this!
I finally got my new tower last month and well… been a bit distracted with my new toy (gamegamesgamesGAMESGamesgams).

Will install a dual boot with Endeavour eventually. I promise. :slight_smile:

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If you could DM me about the issue with screenshot, or create a new thread, I’ll look into it.

That being said, the kind of glitches you mention are most probably caused by picom. If you’ve got an existing picom config that you know works for you, you could use it instead of the bundled one. Or you could disable picom altogether to see if it fixes.

PS. If its indeed picom at fault, as I suspect, then there’s no solution apart from trying out different config or disabling it. Picom glitches across different WMs.

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It would be a good idea for sure to add them to the repo i think, however that’s my idea only.