Happy handball to my cousins in Sweden

Knowing that there are some Swedes here, I say enjoy the :man_playing_handball: game (:iceland: vs :sweden: ) which is currently in half time.
May the “better” team win. :partying_face: :partying_face:

Which team won? :confused:

I thought handball was a thing more toward southern Europe. I’m only going by Funk and Wagnalls, in books which the latest date was January 1994.

Unfortunately we lost. The difference was higher than expected.

I actually think handball is a thing for the Northern Europe. For example, Denmark (flag missing in emoji), :sweden: :norway:, Germany (flag missing in emoji), France and Spain have been very competitive for some years now.

The stadium was full of Swedes cheering (around 11,000), and about 3.000 from Iceland.

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Oh bummer that Iceland lost.

So “handball” up north isn’t the same thing as “jai alai”. Or it’s called differently.

To be honest I have no idea what “jai alai” is. This looks similar to this

Quite physical, chess and chaotic.