Happy geriatric


Firstly, thank you for the warm welcome to the Forum from so many members. It certainly encourages me to remain with you all.

Successes! Thanks to the suggestions from members I now have most of my “must have” programs installed and working, including Variety (but cannot display Clock or Quotes), Osmo, gParted, KMyMoney, Gramps, Gimp, etc. So, I’m a relatively happy geriatric.

Failures and part failures. All the subject of separate posts.

EndeavourOS will only load in Advanced mode.
Simple scan - does not recognise flat bed scanner
Printers - No Print icon in Control panel, documents don’t print.
LibreOffice v7.0.1-1 All modules work, other than Writer.
ConvertAll -
Weather app
Overall, I am very happy with my venture into EndeavourOS. It boots quickly, programs are fast to launch and I haven’t yet messed up the machine with any commands I have launched to install thing - having been a GUI user for nigh on 15 years that has to be a big PLUS :slight_smile:

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How do you install LibreOffice?
they are two different versions:

Install one of the following packages:

  • libreoffice-still is the stable maintenance branch, for conservative users.
  • libreoffice-fresh is the feature branch, with new program enhancements for early adopters or power users.
  • support for language you want:
    libreoffice-still-en-gb (en-gb --> needs to fit your lang)

what does that mean?

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