Happy December to everyone

Hi, it’s December over here, and I always heard that Winter can be a sad time of the year for some with how cold it is. And I just want to say that I hope anyone that’s dealing with any sort of depression or sadness; I hope you have a great holiday when it comes. :purple_heart:

EDIT: minor spelling error, whoopsie!


Actually, getting rid of the heat and humidity is the best gift ever. For me December is where&when i can feel again at peace, without constantly sweating and being uncomfortable due to heat.
Happy Holidays - you bet!


Someone else is in a festive mood today. We have a string of colorful lights on the forum. :grinning: :christmas_tree: :gift:

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Well, on these sides of the world, we are hot and if depression is always there when a family member is very dear and loved, I miss my son too much :cry: calor


Beautiful Argentina country, nice people there. It remembers me this road along Aconcagua by night all the stars with an amazing moon… :mountain_snow: :waning_gibbous_moon:

The holiday of December has come again. :slight_smile:

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Very beautiful and even more at night!

That looks so pretty, it’d be amazing to live up there… Though I imagine it would be kind of cold.

La Cordillera de los Andes es hermosa. El camino de Mendoza para cruzar la montaña hacia Chile.