Happy birthday GIMP!

According to Wikipedia, GIMP’s Initial release was on 2 June 1998, that was 24 years ago.
Since then, It has grown to become one of the most beloved and reliable open-source image editing tools out there, capturing the hearts of both amateurs and professionals alike. With its extensive feature set, GIMP has provided us with countless hours of creative exploration and artistic expression.

I thought it was well worth a toast, happy bday GIMP! :wine_glass:


What a history! :partying_face:
One of the most iconic Free & Open-Source software ever made.

I feel a bit sad though, that it hasn’t become even close to be a de-facto standard for professionals and market at least until now has been completely dominated by Photoshop / Sketch / Figma etc…But it might change, since all of those tools own you, by subscription, and not in reverse :laughing:


so true… the most annoying thing in existence of software.

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Great software! GIMP is always one of the first things I install on my machines. Used it on Windows, still use it on Windows at work (and it still takes as long to start as it did years ago :smile:) and I use it on Linux (where it starts really quickly!)

Happy Birthday GIMP!

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Blockquote market at least until now has been completely dominated by Photoshop
there are several reasons for that and it’s unlikely to change.

Even so, projects like PhotoGIMP close the gap even more, basically the only missing feature now is AI integration, boy what a time to be alive. And to think that, back in the day, when I used to work in the graphic industry, GIMP wasn’t a viable option for offset printing due to the absence of CMYK color space.

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Ah yes, the famous Blockquote market :rofl:

Not really, but for the most people it is so :upside_down_face:
Problem with industry is not the tool, but people who decide to use one or another…In big projects or at some corpos everyone will use proprietary garbage…Which is a shame.

For my thinking, being in year 2023: 2023-1998 = 25. Or did I overlook anything?

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You are correct. I expect the Wikipedia sidebar to roll over to 25 years at the end of today.

Yes, we should be celebrating 25 years of GIMP, not 24 years.

Actually, we should be celebrating GIMP every day.

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Yes, Gimp is an amazing software!!!

Actually, GIMP’s history goes back 28 years, to 1995:

super true :muscle:

are you thinking to something in particular?

A lot of stuff here and there…

  • Work in CMYK / Wide Gamut and all related tools to that (i haven’t checked it for a while, but i don’t think it’s still a thing in GIMP)
  • A lot of very specific neat tools for wire-framing and prototyping, useful for stuff like web-design (although to me it’s nuts to waste time and design stuff not in code)
  • Some built-in vector functionality
  • Some built-in 3D functionality
  • Some nicer UX in terms of how layers / groups work

A lot of intricate stuff like that, those are just on top of my head, but like i’ve said for most people that just work with some basic photo-editing / drawing - it doesn’t matter.

they introduced soft proofing CMYK in version 2.9 I think, and once you get used to late binding (GIMP) rather than early binding (PS) everything works just fine. I print lots of stuff every year and, so far, haven’t found any particular issue, on the contrary, I am amazed at how well it works.

celebrate by checking, you may be surprised by the improvements (but if you use PS frequently, do yourself a favour and install PhotoGIMP, you’ll have a much better experience) :slight_smile:

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