Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the whole EndeavousOS community, especially to @Bryanpwo, @joekamprad, @FLVAL, @fernandomaroto and @manuel. I’ll be honest, when I first heard about this project, I hated it for some weird reasons, but after seeing this project grow this closely, seeing everyone in this community like @ringo, @UncleMez, Michael Nothing (at telegram), and many more like them, that isn’t the case anymore. I love this project very much now! Wish I could contribute more but the Job doesn’t allow me any time. I wish this project ALL THE VERY BEST! @Bryanpwo, the “friendly community” did work out after all :wink: Congratulations.

PS: with my job extension, I might be able to be active bit more here on the forum along with other things. Hope this works out now.

Best regards


Thank you, Debdut and don’t worry about your time on the forum, you are investing so much time on Telegram, you, together with Michael Nothing, are the faces of the that group, who aren’t admins. We’re very grateful for that.

Thanks @anotherusername, don’t forget @fernandomaroto called sometines The red arrow who is belonging to EndeavourOS history, without him and all mods and You Endeavourians couldn’t live this beautiful Anniversary. :rocket:


I was thinking I missed someone there. I apologise @fernandomaroto


It’s my pleasure :slight_smile:

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