Happy 4th of July!

Happy independence day to everyone in America, enjoy the fireworks (technically illegal in my city but everyone does it and no one stops them :wink: )!


Jesus :rofl:

Is having fun still legal? :partying_face:


Thanks for the thought codic12! It is a work in progress… Here in Albuquerque we had 360 degre view of

fire works.

It struck me that if all the people asserted themselfs and held our “REPRESENTATIVES” in govment feet to the fire, we would have some independence to heartily celebrate!!!

Happy July 5 back at you. :peace:


Haha, nice video!

The reason that they’re illegal ( although as I alluded to no one cares… at all… i can hear them exploding everywhere while typing this ) is because homes here in the bay area are made of flimsy plywood that’s pretty prone to catch on fire. Never seen a situation like that before so I think it’s just nonsense.

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Certainly, hope you enjoyed it!

As for me, I must admit I always get a migraine whenever people decide to light up fireworks. Who cares, still love it!

It’s all fun until your house is on fire. :wink:

There was this silly tradition to release lanthern-baloons which just dropped fire randomly to forest, barns and dry grass. Some restrictions have a good reason.