Hallo from Luxemburg


I try to make it short (and directly sorry for my poor English):
My first contact with Linux was SuSE 6.2, after that I had a very long on/off relationship with Linux and tried a lot of different distros but was always going back to Windows and MacOS.
Looking back, the most used Distro was openSuse, even today I like openSuse but think it is more a base for Suse Enterprise and has some disadvantages when it comes to simplicity.

thanks to Valve and heir Steam Deck (I have one), I became more interested in Arch Linux, so I tried with… what do you think?
Yes, the often-recommended Manjaro, I start directly to like the Arch way, but start to find more and more issues with Manjaro. Because they hold back Arch packages and “special” Manjaro modification, there are some incompatibilities, and the Arch documentation can only be used as a base.

In the search of a better way, I found endeavourOS, installed it and directly fall in love. So close to Arch, so flexible for the installation and configuration with some little but useful eos complements.

I’m now so happy with my endeavourOS that I made a donation yesterday and subscribed as backer. I make opensource donation from time to time, but a recurrent one is really rare for me.

I hope to find som help in this community when I have some problems or need advice and perhaps, I can even help other.



Great choice! :+1:

Welcome aboard and don’t hesitate to ask for help, if you need it! :rocket:

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Welcome home @arcDaniel

Same, I started with SuSE 7 (or 7.3), sorry can’t remember exactly but it was in 2000.

I believe this is like the “default” Linux today. I mean Arch or Arch based.

I had same steps, distroh[[ing for almost a year, found myself finally distrohopping between Arch based distros.
Well… and I came from Manjaro as well.

Simply the EndeavourOS is much better in my point of view.
The top pro for EndeavourOS is the community here. Very friendly and very helpful.

Again, this is the best thing about EndeavourOS, they just help, not like others who tell you go RTFM, and when you read it and still have questions they tell you go RTFM again.

I am sure you will enjoy EndeavourOS and the forum here.
You will feel at home.

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Welcome to the forum, EndeacourOS, and the purple side of life!

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Welcome @arcDaniel :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

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Welcome to



:enos_flag: :handshake:t5:


Welcome to the forum @arcDaniel :enos_flag: :enos: :tada: :balloon:

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Hello, welcome aboard, have fun in this great community. At some point, I also started with version 6 of Suse, a colleague of mine showed it to me at my workplace at the time, but then I switched to Debian.

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Moien a Wëlkomm!
Glad to see another EndeavourOS user form Luxembourg here. ^^

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@Ilovemyhouse :vulcan_salute: vlait net dei beschten Distro, mee bis lo dei beschten Community an wann een eng keier Hellef brauch ass daat mei wichteg, wei wann masseg Schnickschnack schon virinstalleiert ass.

Welcome to the best linux community there is mate.

By the way I just learnt this so wanted to share: ‘hallo’ is an actual word, and you can use it.

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Hello @arcDaniel
Welcome to the purple side! :enos_flag:

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Welcome! I know one guy from Luxembourg, perhaps that’s you, what are the odds, small population :laughing:

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Welcome! :enos_flag: :enos:

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