Had my ISP bring me an eero pro to add some wifi until i can get a router of some quality

they installed it yesterday. So the thing is that i now get nearly the full speed of my connection over wifi but now the wired connection is getting much less. I have cat 6 cables, the same ones i was using before the install, i am using now. i disconnected their cat5e cable and replaced it with a cat 6 cable i was using elsewhwere and the speed over wired is still reduced… my isp is giving me 250 gigs but my wired is now 90 and my wireless is 240 ish… Whereas before i was getting like 270 over wired without the eero and of course nothing over wifi because i wasnt using it… does this sound right? doesnt seem so to me. wired should stll be getting full unthrottles speed? antone with an eero pro can speak to this? just fyi i have an inexpensive wifi 6 card with bluetooth 5 that ran me just a wee bit more than 30$ i think i paid for it…


are you sure you’re negotiating a gigabit connection when wired?

Sounds like you’re only getting 100 which would explain the speeds you’re seeing

both cat5e & cat 6 are good for gigabit (if not faulty or in excess of 100m)



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The only way i wouldnt be is if the eero doesnt have ethernet ports. My wired router is all ethernet ports. Anyway i reconfigured my eero to not plug into the cable modem but to plug into my wired router so i can be sure the wired router is getting the full signal from the cable modem. wired is now getting 270 wifi is still doing 240 ish. crazy making.

The eero pro is a router so I am not sure I understand your network topology.

Do you have a personal router plugged in to the eero which is then plugged in to a carrier router?

That being said, it sounds to me like somewhere in the chain you have something running at 100Mbs.

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I have nothing that runns in the chain that is fast internet. everything is gigabit. the tenda wifi router that i am using had the wifi radio turned off because it was not using wpa2 authentication and my iphone balked at it’s security with a warning when i connected to it. it has one ethernet port to run to the the cable modem and three to run out from there. The eero pro has two ethernet ports, one in and one out though they seem unmarked and it looks like either port can be in or out. If anything the eero has to be throttling it down or one f the ports must be bad. in either case neither makes sense really. there being only those two ports on the ero is not enough to stop using the tenda for a wired router as i have several hard wired devices.

anyway thanks all. plugging it into the wired router rather than the cable modem seems to do the job well enough.