Gwenview Stopped Working in KDE 5.20

Getting the following error when trying to open Gwenview via terminal under KDE 5.20;

error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN6LibRaw11open_bufferEPvm

Someone already submitted a bug report on it.

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No issue here, gwenview working fine after 5.20 update.

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Huh, it is not opening on two of my systems, strange.

Libraw dependency issue?

$ pf -s
$ qi libkdcraw
Name            : libkdcraw
Version         : 20.08.2-1
Depends On      : qt5-base  libraw
$ qi libraw
Name            : libraw
Version         : 0.20.0-1

There is a libraw update I haven’t applied yet.

$ cu
libraw 0.20.0-1 -> 0.20.1-1

Maybe try downgrading libraw to 0.20.0-1?


Same mirrors? Partial update?

Applying that update breaks it, it is OK before…

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So gwenview needs a rebuild against the updated libraw.

Confirmed. I downgraded to libraw-0.20.0-1 and it works now. Thanks. I will wait for the gurus to work out a fix before updating. :+1:

Antonio Rojas just has to rebuild gwenview, he is usually pretty quick with this sort of stuff … assuming he’s not sleeping.


WAKE UP!!! :astonished: :scream: :scream_cat:


It’s already fixed. Mr. Rojas is as fast as always.

Just update again, specifically libkdcraw-20.08.2-2 :slight_smile: