Guildwars 2 on Steam

I cannot get GW2 to run on Endeavour. It works perfect on Manjaro.

When I launch it the Splash screen comes up followed by a glitched log in screen.

This Log in Screen is non-interactive and dissapears when you move any windows. I tried to take a screenshot of it but it dissapears.

It also only shows partially. Sometimes I can only see the top quarter other times the left half.

When the window opens I can navigate it via the Tab key but cannot click anything. Which also means I cannot get it to remeber my username.

As a result of this glitched windows I havnt been able to get past it to see if the game actually runs.

I should point out Im running the game via Proton GE with the following launch options

gamemoderun %command% -ignorecoherentgpucrash -provider Portal

I had to install gamemode. Thats another issue that took me days to figure out. Anyway, I also tried running without the gamemode command but then I dont even get a splashscreen.

For GW2 on Steam, -provider Portal was the only optional command you may have wanted. If you had an account prior to release on Steam, you need that command if you wish to continue using that account.

All other commands were never necessary for it to work.

That’s definitely an issue on your end because gamemode is never the deciding factor whether the game launches or not.

Are you on NVIDIA or AMD gpu? If you wish to use Proton GE, latest version should work OOTB.
Make sure to have all dependencies installed (here and here)

GW2 crashes like every couple of hours. According to ProtonDB the gamemode option stops the crashes and indeed it does. On my Manjaro install GW2 can run all day without a single crash. As I said on Endeavour without gamemode nothing happens at all. Steam says its launching and then its just stops.

Im on Nvidia and I did the nvidia-inst. ProtonGE was installed via ProtonUp.

Thanks for the links. Ill try the suggestions and report back.

OK I tried the advice on those two links you sent.

On the Nvidia link there was 1 library that was installed.

On the Wine page there was a whole bunch of libraries that werent installed. Samba caused a 404 error. So I ran the line without samba.

I did an update and I rebooted.

I ran GW2 and still exactly the same. Without gamemode it does nothing at all, with gamemode I get the glitched login screen.

I had a “flickering” launcher window once or twice. Had a hard time logging in. Updated my system and it started working normally. It’s probably because of the sh!tty nvidia drivers.

GW2 keeps crashing on me a lot. Crash logs say video error.

I am on AMD gpu so maybe that’s why it runs smoothly for me. I am sorry then that it hadn’t helped.

I have not had a single issue so far.

gamemoderun %command% -ignorecoherentgpucrash -provider Portal

That helped with the crashes. I can be logged in all day and not a single crash. Without that line it crashes about every couple of hours.

Im triple booting currently (I have a ton of drives). Manjaro, Windows and Endeavour. Manjaro is working with no issues. All my games work flawlessly including GW2. It seems very odd that another distro on the same hardware even with he same base can behave so differently.

I would like to report that Ive fixed my own problem.

Apparently on Endeavour you need 2 libraries - sdl12-compat lib32-sdl12-compat

The first one was installed the second was not.

And if you have problems with compiling shaders (like I did) then here are some pre-compiled shaders that fixed this for me.

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