Guild wars 2

hi i been trying to install gw2, but it keeps stopping the instalation on the client, im using bottles to run it, i dont know what to do, and also now doesnt start, is at like 81 thousand files left, i have reset bottles and the instalation a lot of times till now and keeps not continuing the instalation, please help

Guild Wars 2 is available on Steam, download it there.

If you wish to use Steam account, then you don’t need to modify anything.
If you wish to use Arenanet account to play the game on Steam, you need to add the following launch options in Steam: -provider Portal

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Because I kinda failed to keep track, I’ve actually got Guildwars 2 installed both via Lutris and Steam. I’ve never really used Bottles.

I agree with the reply by @Smokus. GW2 runs well through Steam if you change the launch parameter as suggested, even if you bought it or the expansions directly and not through Steam. Also check the entries for GW2 at

Wishing you good luck! It’s a beautiful game.