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Hello everyone, I have been thinking about shifting from Ubuntu for a year and found out about EndeavourOS. My main focus is performance, hence choosing ArchLinux, as it’s popular for it. I am currently a student and will be working with many technologies but mostly related to Full Stack Development, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

I will appreciate any tips, guides and tutorials as I am planning to install it within the next month

P.S, I don’t mind sharing my PC specs if necessary

Are you willing/wanting to make the jump full-time or will this be a dual-boot and trial sort of thing? If you already have made the full switch to Linux with Ubuntu and it’s working for you, you’ll find all the same software and such available here. Either in the arch repos, the AUR, or flatpak, it’s there.
One thing you may notice, not everything will work out of the box like it does on Ubuntu or others. Certain things like KDE Online Account integration, or Google Calendar events populating in the calendar widget on your taskbar automatically. Distros like Kubuntu, Neon, MXLinux, they include all the nice-to-haves you may want on install. EOS and Arch in general are much more about put it together yourself. EOS will get you a wonderful, usable, lightweight arch-based distro and desktop environment installed quickly, it will not include everything under the sun. You’ll need to learn, install, enable, and add certain things on your own. But you control the system, how big it gets, and what you want on it or not.
Welcome aboard :enos:


I have been using the Ubuntu with Windows dual-boot full-time for a year and plan to replace Ubuntu with EndeavourOS because, since Ubuntu 21.4 lts it’s very unstable and had a lot of bugs, internet connectivity issues ,display problems due to using NVIDIA gpu, and it’s performance wasn’t much different from Windows and I haven’t been able to do my dev stuffs on windows and it’s only use is for my college work and gaming.

I primarily need VScode as IDE, modern terminal with high customizations like alacritty and warp, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack or VMware and other techs I will need for Full Stack Development, DevOps and Cloud Computing. I also need Google Chrome and it’s sync as I have saved all my info in it.

Hi :wave:

There is a learning curve when switching from Ubuntu, but if you’re willing to put in some effort in learning, it’ll be smooth :wink:

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Sure, will persevere through to learn it and if possible please share any good guides and tutorials on understand and how to customize or configure the system

Welcome @Blazekiller8 to the wonderful world of EndeavourOS, the distro and this community.

I have been on Linux since 2000, and distrohopped for a year and tried almost everything (2021) till I settled on EndeavourOS. Arch and Arch based are the best, EndeavourOS is the best of the best, regarding performance, stability, support here in this forum.

Don’t worry about a learning curve. You only need to know how to use the command line to install, update, uninstall… etc. It may look difficult but it is not. I am not a techie by the way, I am just a user! (just a few commands are enough)

As far as I know NVIDIA is not that friendly with Arch. I always look to buy laptops with the intel stuff, processor, graphics…
If you installed and it is running fine then it is OK I guess.
Though I am sure our friends here can help better than me.

If you need the commands to install, update… etc I will be glad to help.
I use yay command

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Welcome to the forum! :smile:

To see if there are any obvious things to consider about the hardware, you could show the specs with command

inxi -Fza

If you don’t have inxi command available now, you can do this by burning the ISO to a USB stick, boot with it, and run the command. You can also pipe the output to program eos-sendlog and show the returned link here if you think that is more reasonable.

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Thanks for your tips , let’s hope my journey goes well despite NVIDIA gpu

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Ah, that (Nvidia) might be a reason to see more specs… :wink:


Personally I recommend EOS with GNOME and Wayland. And honestly, getting an AMD GPU to replace NVIDIA would be a #1 hot priority if it were me. I don’t know what your needs are, but ultimately you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor in the long run if/when you’re able to swing that.

Install Octopi and read up on the “downgrade” package in the AUR. It’ll be invaluable when an update breaks something you can’t afford to have broken at the time lol

I suggest you spend some time installing Arch, as it is yet a little bit leaner and thus faster than EnOS. If you learn to install Arch the Arch Wiki way, then you will know a lot more about Linux than you ever did before. Perhaps you then won’t have to ask for any guidance on this forum, ever… instead you can help others out.

I’m sure you can do it, as per your background. :wink: