GTK4 released

for those being interested:

after 4 years, it finally landed. Looking forward to Gnome 40 :slightly_smiling_face:


:pray: for the link

Unfortunately this also means CSDs on XFCE and MATE eventually…

CSD on XFCE is partially here already, in the pre-release of 4.16. I know it’s used in the settings manager. So, I would bet that 4.18 will be fully CSD.

I know. Unfortunately since i want a full DE that isn’t Plasma I will have to put up with the inferior UI of CSD, I guess.

Less options but more space used. The downside of GTK being owned by the Gnome team and everyone else having to obey them.

Ok i have to ask, whats CSD? :thinking:

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Client Side Decorations, or to put it simple, Gnome style thick header bars that takes up a lot of useless space and has less intuitive GUI.

I had forgotten about this, maybe time to try LXQt?


So Xfce is going to use this in the new upcoming 4.16?

LXqt looks interesting.

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Hmm…whats wrong with Plasma?

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Plasma is pretty good indeed.

I use the aur package gtk3-nocsd-git to get rid of the CSDs on the gtk apps i use in Plasma (makes for a more consistent appearance). That may keep them at bay for a while in XFCE/Mate.
Yes, XFCE is starting the move to CSDs starting in 4.16.
LXqt is interesting. I would be use it if my machine couldn’t run Plasma.

I have tried Kwin tiling a little and the other way Kronkite. There is kwin-tiling, kwin-quarter-tiling, Grid-Tiling-Kwin or Kronkite.

I need to check this out more. :thinking:

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So what are people not liking about GTK 4, is it bloated or are people just worrying for nothing?

Beats me! :laughing: I don’t do much Gnome!

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Aw crap forgot. LXqt does not have a compositor, just like Mate, which is why I never use either. It’s just too much of a hassle to screw around with compiz or compton or whatever. Not to mention using Kwin with it; then it’s just easier to simply use Plasma.

(I don’t actually KNOW why I don’t like Plasma, it’s just something with it that repels me. After a few days using it I literally want to get rid of it. Well I know of one thing, the extremely ugly colored stripes in all windows).

You could always use Cinnamon. :+1:t3:

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That will have to go the same way eventually…

Marco has compositing, works fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

(unless you hit a particular bug in xf86-video-amdgpu, but that also affects other compositors using xpresent…)

Sorry, my bad. I am so used to it not having it for so many years (I was a huge Gnome 2 fan once).

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After googling a bit this evening it seems that the BIG problem with GTK4 is that it is adopted 100% for the Gnome core devs design ideas (since they write it) so CSDs is not the big problem; the big problem is that it will make it impossible to support things like toolbars (it is considered “outdated technology” so the devs have simply removed the support for them). We are not talking menu bars here, we are talking toolbars. Which means that ALL applications have to be completely redesigned for GTK4.

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