GTK graphical bug with small green pixels

I guess for that you need a gitlab account for and activate “notifications” for the xorg bug which I opened. This bug will get closed when it is solved. You will be notified and then you have to watch the releases coming in to Arch.

And may be you can leave a comment on the gitlab bug report that you are affected by this bug too. This may help to shfit priorities for the developers.

does this make any difference ?

Using wayland would probably make a difference since this is an xorg bug, but I don’t know enough about wayland to test it. I tried starting Gnome Wayland (I happened to have Gnome installed) but it was really buggy in different ways and the bug was still there, so I’m assuming I didn’t install wayland properly.

As for the LTS kernel, I haven’t tried that out recently, but I think that I was using the LTS kernel at one point when I was experiencing the bug.

okay :wink:

Means on the same instance of installation? Means together with plasma?

I have it installed my PC alongside Plasma and some other WMs and I launched it from my DM.

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