Grub update 2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-3

Any informed advice on updating to grub 2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-3 ?

I already answered your question here:

It scares me that they closed the arch bug with this not-so-fixed version… it just prints a message that is likely to go unnoticed. Moreover, that doesn’t solve the issue anyway…

I think it is likely that grub will eventually make changes around this based on the current back and forth on the mailing list.

I seem to understand that grub has already reverted the commit that blindly always executes that command outside any configuration, which logically seems like a dangerous thing to do anyway…

Are you sure?

I don’t see it here. Is it in a branch or a different repo?

Sorry, I was wrong: they’re discussing about reverting it in the mailing list, as noted in the bug report

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