GRUB Screen Styling

I think I’ve found the right place to change the styling of the GRUB Screen theme that shows up on load in /boot/grub/themes/EndeavourOS/

I was able to change the screenshot, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to change, and test, what the updated theme looks like without reboot. Also, I was wondering if maybe there’s a place to find already crafted themes to use. Any guidance or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks y’all!

Not sure about the preview stuff but there’s some GRUB themes on and kde-look.og.
However at least in my mind because both for its features and aesthetic value Refind is a much better boot loader.

Wiki Page

Some sexy themes


There is something called grub-customiser a gui tool for customising GRUB. There’s been mixed thoughts about it. (Tho most are bad)
Give it a try if you want tho :upside_down_face:.

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I’m actually playing around with the options in the KDE store. I tried installing rEFInd on my virtual box playground but kept running into dumb errors and gave up.

It’s definitely something I’ll look into more in the future cause you’re right, those screens look awesome.

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There are also several grub-themes in the AUR. Just do yay -Ss grub-theme to search for them, and you can find screenshots pretty easily online just based on the names. Even if you install one with yay, though, you still need to set the theme you want to use via the GRUB_THEME line in /etc/default/grub.

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