Grub question

This is just curiosity as I am up & running again, but I updated a laptop I haven’t used in at least 4 months - Updated the keyring and then ran the system update with no obvious errors. Then ran grub-install and got no errors. Reboot, and I get a message saying some debug file was missing and get dumped into the grub-rescue prompt. I fixed it using the ancient live ISO I have + chroot + install-grub but was wondering if anyone else had seen this or if this was related to the long time between updates.

Could be the big grub problem/debacle update that happened in August. What means long time for you?

This one

Please note I followed the procedure that is supposed to prevent that and it didn’t work. Hence wondering if the update interval might be a factor. Especially since I haven’t seen this on the laptop I update regularly.

Difficult to say. Can depend on your hardware, drivers, and other issues if not related to that grub update.

You would need to be much more specific on the error messages and outputs and then post some logs and system infos if you really want to figure it out.

Did you also run grub-mkconfig after grub-install?

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No. That was probably it then.

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