GRUB passphrase does not use installation keymap


During install, I set AZERTY (fr) as my keymap, choose encrypted disk, and set a passphrase; of course, at this point, it uses the fr map, as it is set earlier in the process.

Hereafter, when GRUB asks for the passphrase, it uses the default keymap (us, I assume). To enter my very secure “aaa” password (in VM) I have to type “qqq”.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a “bug”, but I posit that this is very undesirable behaviour; GRUB should, by default, use the same keymap as the rest of the system. (I know that and how it can be changed after the fact. My point is it really should not have to.)

The Atlantis announcement in particular mentioned a will to go towards more support for a multi-lingual community. I’d say not putting additional hurdles before people using non-us keyboards is step 0 in that endeavour… :slight_smile:

It is an upstream issue:


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