Grub out of memory?

Yeah, I’ve changed it back now.

I’ve even tried disabling the grub theme, as another user suggested, but that just gave me a blank screen.

your /etc/default/grub has


you had this commented out before? to not use the theme?

Yes, and Grub didn’t like this at all! I just got a blank screen.

I’ve just downloaded the new grub update from unstable branch and it seems - so far - to have fixed everything. No out of memory errors and the theme displays correctly!

This is indeed strange … not sure but I do see random error on my testings also.

This seems to be the solving change

Grub 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-4 has fixed all my boot problems now.

I have this “out of memory” error too, after pressing a key the system boots fine tho.
So we just have to wait for a grub package update to include that DEFAULT_HEAP_SIZE change?
No other actions needed?

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still in testing but will be there soon 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-4

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update hits the repos…

core/grub 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-4 (6.8 MiB 33.0 MiB) 
    GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (2)

Yeah, it didn’t fix the “out of memory” error for me.

you will need to run grub-install again to get it i think?


You are right, thanks!