Grub issues on grub-install

I have an old MacBookPro 9,2 that I rescued from the recycler by installing EndeavourOS.

I got the urge to try out some other distros and I keep coming up against a wall that only EndeavourOS seems to be able to address, and I’m just curious what it is doing different that so many other distros seem to be getting wrong.

On this older UEFI system the efibootmgr command executed by grub-install usually fails to create a boot entry. (Discovered with a --verbose flag added to grub-install.)

EndeavourOS seems to have no such issue. It installs just fine.

Kudos to the EndeavourOS team for having such a smooth and error free install.

Would you mind sharing the “secret sauce”? Or is the command executed recorded in a log somewhere?

Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, it should be in the installer log which is in /var/log.


Calamares logs are in /root/.cache/calamares/ of the installer instance, but not the installed instance.

But this log isn’t helpful as it just records that it ran “grub-install” but doesn’t record any verbose logging from that particular command.

so the needed (and embedded) efibootmgr command is not available.

The log is copied to /var/log/Calamares.log on the installed system.

That being said, there is nothing special there, it is just running grub-install with fairly typical options.