Grub Hook to grub-install and grub-mkconfig?

Oh, I will take this as a promotion then. Though I would have been fired or probably shot dead if I was really a system administrator somewhere!

Sure not, why should I pay someone to do yay -Syu or yay -Sy package_name
See, I can do it. I don’t mind finding somebody to pay me to do it for them. :rofl:

Except that this one is something that should almost never be done. It has more risk of breaking your system than grub does.


Heck… I don’t think you want me to post the results here.
Let me read them and… see you after reviewing them… in a month time!

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Honestly, it does to me.

The problem is that you are assuming that things are hard/complicated when sometimes they aren’t then using the words “techie/developer/average Joe” to hide behind those assumptions.

While it is certainly true that some things about Linux and your install are complicated, that doesn’t mean that everything is. You often bump the simple things into the realm of complicated.

We have tons of users who are just like you and they learn these things without any trouble. My advice to you is not to decide what is “hard” and what is “simple” until you actually investigate it and try to learn it.


Isn’t it the same as sudo pacman package_name, it just adds the AUR as a source (in case the package is only at AUR)?
Further explanation highly appreciated. Alternative? pcaman only?

It has nothing to do with yay vs pacman. It is using -Sy.

You should either use -S packagename or -Syu packagename. The times when you should use -Sy packagename are rare and it is dangerous in most cases.

The only times I can think of to use -Sy are:

  • When you are installing software on the live ISO where you can’t update the system
  • When you installing something that must be installed before updating and that is also needed to update the system. The most common examples being keyrings.
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Sorry for that. But I think I am eager to know something about everything, and not eager to know everything about everything.

Not precisely but honestly I “sometimes” bump them against (I don’t know them ‘yet’). Some things seems to me uninteresting to know or precisely not ‘sexy’ for me.

If you don’t want to learn stuff because you don’t care, then you shouldn’t use the excuse that you are a “user/non-techie/non-dev/average Joe”. :man_shrugging:


I really appreciate keeping teaching me.
I thought if -S on its own is OK, and adding two more options ( S and u) is OK then it is OK to use only two.

So I should stick to only yay -S package_name as I usually do yay -Syu frequently and often before installing anything.

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Allow me to clarify (maybe it is a language problem, or the “effect” of thinking in the first language mother tongue and translating to second language)

I mean priorities to learn, not not wanting to learn. Want to learn this before that.
For example, I never cared about how any boot loader works. I prefered at that time to learn how to write Bash scripts. I did one or two that worked for me like the OCR script.

But when that Grub issue came, it became a priority for me to learn how to be safe. To learn about bootloader, Grub, installing, configuring, why, how, when… etc.

Not about not caring to learn, it is about priorities as needed.

The point is still the same. You choosing not to learn right now still has nothing to do with being a “user/non-techie/non-dev/average Joe”.

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I really appreciate and enjoy the smart chat with you all.
And appreciate all what you are doing to teach me.

But, sorry, I have to go in a few minutes.
Will be back as soon as I can.

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I hope you believe me if I say I agree with you.
This is one thing, and this is another thing.

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