Grub dosent detect reinstalled endeavour os

I recently had to reinstall endeavour OS and to do so I deleted the partition from windows os and then reinstalled again from USB media. But when I boot grub starts into rescue mode saying cannot detect a mod file. Please help me fix this ( also I cannot boot into endeavour os)

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I would give the following a try:

Boot up your live usb

Run lsblk -fs to see what your partitions are

Chroot into the installed system following the instructions in the link below. Follow those corresponding to your install mode UEFI vs. Legacy/MBR

Reinstall the package Grub:

pacman -Syu grub

Now reinstall the bootloader following the instructions appropriate to your install mode

Rebuild the initramfs for good measure:

mkinitcpio -P

Exit chroot


Reboot your system.

If you get any error message at the any of the steps above, please copy the whole terminal output and paste it in your reply.

In case of doubt at any of the steps above, don’t hesitate to post about it.


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